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Why is He So Emotionally Distant?

why is he so distant

Yesterday he was all over you, making you swoon with attention. Today, you barely hear a word from him. This is a common scenario that puzzles women all over the world. Most women get confused, feeling that they are getting mixed signals. This begs the question, why are men so emotionally distant sometimes?

Men’s Logic

What most women perceive as being emotionally distant is actually a defense mechanism for men. Most men are actually not comfortable experiencing emotions all the time. It makes them feel vulnerable. Most women don’t realize that men especially don’t want to feel vulnerable to a woman, because it makes them feel out of control. So to protect themselves, they become emotionally unavailable or some would say guarded.

However, that does not mean that men do not like to experience positive emotions. They do enjoy the ’emotional rush’, excitement and pleasure when having a date with a woman. The problem is that men can only experience those feelings for short periods of time. You’ll notice that after such a ‘rush’, there is usually a ‘crash’. They simply need to quiet down for a moment.

Women’s Logic

When men suddenly get cold and become ’emotionally distant’, most women tend to hoard the man, trying to pry open his shell. A lot of women make the mistake of forcing their men to open up and share his feelings. You won’t have a lot of luck there, and you’ll only push him further away. The best thing to do in these situations is to just let him take his time and collect his thoughts. Never pressure him into saying things he’s not ready to say. You could share your feelings with him when he does something you like, for example “You make me feel special when you …”. This will help get him to start opening up to you.

What to do so that he will not become so distant that he stops listening altogether?

Do you feel that things were going well with your guy, but something seems to be wrong with the relationship recently that made him distant? Do you have a feeling of dread that you can’t quite place? The good news is, if you know what to do, you will be able to help him express his feelings and have him return to you with even greater commitment and interest.

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