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Be a Natural at Starting Conversations

There are still not many ladies who make the first move at striking a conversation with the guy they like. They are inhibited by their fear of being judged or not knowing what to say. Finding yourself in the same situation? Don’t be afraid! You can prep yourself by imbibing positivity to your inner game.

Recall when you are talking to your friends. Can you can talk freely about any topic and enjoy a good heart to heart chat for hours? If yes, you are perfectly capable of holding an interesting conversation with anyone. The difference is that with the man you like, you feel pressured to create the best impression. Your mind is filled with self-doubts but with the reframing technique, you can adjust your mindset. For example, if you are worried of being disliked by the guy, you reframe the thought by reiterating that you are fun, witty and unique. He would be the one losing out if he fails to see that.  Bash every negative thought you have of yourself. Through continuous self- assurance, you will become more confident to face any outcome.

We have talked about having a good inner game before approaching the person. So what’s next? While pick-up lines tend to be used by the guys, ladies are equally entitled to them too. However, if you are going to use one, make sure it’s funny and not cliché. Google is your best friend and you can add a personal spin on the pick-up line. Your personality determines your approach. If you are brimming with confidence, walking up to the man in a sassy manner and then making a funny comment can break the ice. Otherwise, you can always pay him a compliment on his attire and then walk away. By not going for the catch, you have sparked his curiosity and he will now have the urge to take the initiative in knowing you. Last but not least, there’s the honest approach. Go over and introduce yourself to him. Mention that you would like to make friends and ask if he would do you the honour. Most likely he will feel flattered that you have the courage to break the stereotypes by approaching him and would definitely reciprocate the gesture.