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What’s Going On in His Head?

There is a huge difference between how men and women think. It has been scientifically proven that men use different parts of the brain more than women. This is probably why understanding how guys think is still a mystery to the opposite sex. Women often don’t get why men act the way they do, and this can lead to a lot of misunderstandings. Here are a few common aspects of the male psyche that women find the most puzzling:

1. Men don’t always think and feel all the time
Women are used to always having a concern, a thought or an idea in their head. By nature, most women are emotional. For men, this is not the case. Men are better at compartmentalizing feelings and thoughts. This means that they can separate whatever their current concerns are and put them aside for later. Most women misunderstand this as ‘not caring’ or being indifferent to a situation, but this is normal. For men, this seemingly normal attitude can get them in a lot of trouble, because some women just can’t grasp the idea that there isn’t a single thought or emotion in his head.

2. Men value authenticity in a woman
Women often think they have to change themselves just for a man to love or want them. However, this is a huge misconception. A woman who is true to herself is the sexiest thing to a man. This shows confidence in her own skin, which is a huge turn on. There’s nothing more desirable than a woman who has self-respect. To a man, a woman who’s true to herself also means that he can be his true self whenever he’s around her. If he can be comfortable around her, he will learn to value her more. This is a rare quality to find in a woman, even though every woman has the ability to do it.

3. Men view women like an investment
For men, investments require a lot of input, time, hard work and determination. He picks his investments wisely because he does not want to spend time on a failed venture. This view is very similar when it comes to how men view women. When a man finds a woman he likes, he looks at her like an investment. This does not mean that he views her as an object. Rather, he looks at the relationship with the woman as something precious, something worth protecting, something that he can influence and shape. This is the reason why a man can sometimes impose their wants and needs to the woman they value.

All relationships need balance and harmony, which is why it’s important that both sides understand each other, so that they can both adjust to each others’ needs. Men and women think so differently, and this can cause a lot of friction within the relationship. The most important thing is to be open to one another and remember that you are both working to keep the passion alive.

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