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How to Get A Guy To Like You (And.. Fall in Love with You)

Here’s a suite of tips and tricks that will help you to get a guy to like you, and eventually fall in love with you.

1. The 30 seconds “trick” to get a guy to like you

The science of Neuro-Linguistic Programming has brought to light this technique that you can use to make a guy not only like you but also trust you instantly – without him knowing why. It also makes him want to be with you and get to know you better. It’s called the Mirroring Technique.

I’m sure you can imagine how useful this technique can be when you’re dating, or looking for ways to connect with a guy.

The Mirroring Technique is based on the assumption that people feel comfortable with people who communicate non-verbally the same way they themselves do. In other words, we quickly develop a bond with people when their body language (gestures, rhythm of speech, facial expressions, rate of breathing, eye contact, etc.) is similar to ours. Why? Because these non-verbal cues get noticed at an unconscious level.

Next time you’re in a social gathering, observe the way people who genuinely like each other behave. They mirror each other’s non-verbal gestures unconsciously and naturally. What’s interesting is that you can consciously mirror the non-verbal gestures of the person with whom you want to gain rapport – and achieve the same result. Mirroring sends an unconscious message to the other person that says, “You’re very much like me” — depending, of course, on how well you mirrored them. On the other hand, we tend to be “turned off” by people whose non-verbal communication is different from ours.

To create rapport with a guy instantly, you only need to “mirror” his non-verbal communication. For example, if he is talking softly, then you talk softly, too. If he leans forward, you lean forward as well. If he speaks in a rapid tempo, you do the same. In other words, you match his body language and tone of voice. The only time when you shouldn’t match his non-verbal communication is when he is angry. In that case, you’d instead mirror concern.

With this technique, it’s easy to get him to feel comfortable with you in a matter of moments. Here’s one word of caution, however: Mirroring does not mean “mimicking.” For example, if he is sitting with legs crossed at knees, you may choose to cross yours at the ankles. If he has both arms resting on the back of a sofa across from you, you can have one of your arms slung similarly on the back of your chair. You get the idea. You don’t have to mirror the person exactly — just similarly. Otherwise, your actions may be misinterpreted as being contrived, even annoying. You must mirror in a way that looks and sounds natural, of course, so that you can get phenomenal results.

Mirroring is easy and – best of all — it works. When you use it properly when you are with the guy that you like, you’ll improve the impression you make on him – regardless of the mood or situation. Mirroring plays a major influence on whether he will like you, trust you, be attracted to you or go out on a date with you. Use it wisely.

2. Create an emotional bond with him as soon as possible

Every woman longs for that deep emotional connection with the guy that she likes, but what most women don’t realize is that men don’t bond the same way as women. When most women ask how to get closer to a guy, they usually mean one of 3 things:

“How do I get him to bond with me the way that I want?”
“How can I get him to be more romantic?”
“How can I make him share his feelings more?”

What these questions have in common is the assumption that they can make a guy bond immediately. The truth is that it takes a guy a long time to bond with a woman. Just because he’s feeling intensely passionate towards you, that doesn’t mean he’s bonding. I’m sorry, but it’s true. He may tell you how connected he feels to you (and sincerely mean it) but I want to warn you, that’s not how he’s bonding.

While those intense emotions are a part of unlocking his heart, the other critical ingredient for creating a passionate connection is making a man feel like you understand him. This may sound simple, but it’s not as easy as you might think. Understanding him and convincing him that you understand him are 2 different things. Most women believe that simply because they “get it” when a man shares his thoughts, that this should be enough. He craves more than that.

What he longs for is a woman that will act as though what is important to him…actually seems important to her as well. You don’t have to share his passions, hobbies or interest, but he wants to know that you are willing to take the time and effort to pay attention to what matters to him. Let him talk about what he’s interested in (at times) and when he shares a concern, pay attention by looking at him when he’s talking. When you create a deep emotional connection with him and make him feel that you understand him, he will not only like you, but he will truly value this deep bond with you.

3. Do not make the mistake of sharing your feelings too early

Women often forget that guys don’t “feel” as frequently as they do. In fact, most of the time, guys don’t feel anything at all. Men tend to feel intensely and in short bursts – like when they go to a sporting event. When a woman shares her feelings too early in a relationship it is often overwhelming to a guy.

When a woman wants to create an intense connection with a guy, then she should remember this… guys connect by overcoming a challenge. In order for a man to desire to get closer to a woman, it is in that woman’s best interest not to allow a new relationship to progress too quickly, or too intensely.

Taking a relationship at a slower pace will cause a guy to feel a bit frustrated, and this will actually make him want to draw nearer to a woman. As he initiates more dates and asks more questions, only then should she share her feelings.

4. Realize that you don’t have to be perfect

One of the undesirable things that society has inflicted on the female population is an obsession for perfection. I’m sure you’re aware that in the last decade, the obsession for being thin, in particular, has reached alarming levels. This obsession is carried over in women’s relationships with guys. In an effort to be adored by the guy that she likes, a woman often stress herself out trying to be all things to him.

Did you know that the majority of genetically gifted women like supermodels and beauty queens routinely find themselves dateless on Saturday nights because men are too intimidated to ask them out and don’t think they could measure up to them? I tell you — being perfect (at least physically) is overrated! Trying to be all things just to keep a man interested in you is unnecessary. You can be yourself and still get a guy to like you.

5. It’s not really the things you do. This video explains it perfectly.

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