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The Best Little-Known Places to Meet Single Men

Places Where Single Women are Tremendously Outnumbered by Single Men by 10 to 1

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Are you a single woman who thinks good men are hard to find?  Complain no longer — and forget about bars, dance clubs, singles mixers and the like!  Here’s a treasure trove of little-known “hot spots” where the fishing’s great for single women — and you can increase your chances of meeting your dream man a hundredfold!

  1. the one best place to go in any city, where the odds of meeting an eligible bachelor are incredibly in your favor because the ratio of men to women is 30 to 1 (or more) — and where the men are likely to be movers and shakers, and motivated go-getters!
  2. how one woman found a clever way to be surrounded by 10 to 15 single men — and even get paid for it (no, this has nothing to do with escort services!).  Not only was she the only woman in the midst of 10 or more men, but she appeared extremely attractive to them, and they constantly competed for her attention!
  3. the top activity you can get involved in to meet rich men — or men with the same interests as you, as well as single men who are smart, educated, emotionally available and straight.
  4. the secret places in any neighborhood where men outnumber women by 10 to 1 or more.

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