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Going for a date? Here are 5 ways to really shine!

Are your dates going all wrong? Don’t give up. Mistakes happen but we all emerge better from our experiences. The next time you are going for a date, keep these in mind!

1. Don’t try too hard to impress. This may come across as being desperate for attention and recognition. Be at ease with yourself, and your body language and posture will portray an alluring vibe.

2. Be approachable, but not easy. Being accessible while still retaining an elusive charm will leave men chasing after your heels.

3. It’s a date, not a ranting session. Women are talkers by nature but spewing your whole life story can be overwhelming. Save that for your girlfriends. Give the man a chance to talk and share his experiences too!

4. Keep compliments of other men to yourself. Men like to think that they are the sole focus of your attention. This also means to refrain from checking out that hot stud that just passed by.

5. Lastly, Don’t take things for granted. Show your appreciation for his time, attention and treats. Reciprocating his efforts will help to solidify his impression of you as an appreciative and sensible woman.

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