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3 Things Your Man Wants You to Know

Here are three things a man wants you to know that will improve your relationship right now.

1. Accept your man for who he is. Trying to change him can dampen his feelings for you. You can, however, help him change. The first thing you must do is to give him the freedom to be himself and he will be much more receptive to new ideas. The next step is to look to his better side and this will motivate him to become a better man.

2. Recognize that men think and behave in a different way, compared to women. Men, by nature, are fixers. Whenever there’s a problem, we just want to get to the solution, asap. We don’t empathize and talk the way women do, but that doesn’t mean we don’t care.

3. Focus on the positive. You may have heard this several times, but this takes practice. For every complaint you have about your man, think of a redeeming quality or something that he does for you. Perhaps he is always around to throw the trash or catch that bug when you are screaming your head off. This helps to put things in a more balanced perspective.

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